We’re Always Getting What We Ask For

We’re Always Getting What We Ask For

Your body does what you ask it to. It follows the instructions it is given. ALWAYS.

So my question for you today is HOW AWARE ARE YOU of what you’re asking?

I had diarrhea recently. (If that’s TMI for you, soz).

Then in my BodyTalk session I remembered I ASKED (no actually, begged would be more appropriate) The Universe when my husband was in hospital sick to give it to me instead. To let me process it for him.

How many of us would lay our lives on the line for those we love? And yet, how much better are we able to serve them when we keep ourselves well?

In that those moments when I saw my beloved suffering, I forgot that which I know to be true: We’re each here doing the work our soul came to do.

And for all of us, that’s going to involve struggling in some capacity. For if we didn’t struggle, what would we have to transform? And who am I to take that away when someone didn’t ask for it?

Because we all love a good story of transformation, don’t we?! One of my mentors used to say, “we’re all the hero in the story of our own lives.”

I’m still stoking the fire of transformation – something I’ve been devoted to for the better part of a decade. Writing and rewriting the stories I tell myself, and supporting others to do the same in the process. And it’s so satisfying to me!

What about you, love? What’s something you’re keen to transform right now?

“At the core of your being, you already are all that you seek.”

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