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The adventure of a lifetime is becoming who you truly are.

My job joy is supporting you in the discovery of your Self.

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"Eventually we all get tired of
looking for the light ...
AND just decide to be it"

Every human being is brilliant. We each have treasures untold within. But from birth most of us are taught to look externally - to find success through material possessions, accomplishments, or validation from others. We contort ourselves in an attempt to become what we think is “good” “better” and “best.” Alas, these beliefs keep shifting and changing and eventually we exhaust ourselves in the seeking.

When you learn to look inward, you discover limitless possibilities. Through the practice of meditation and mindfulness you find there’s a peace, joy, and happiness that permeates unconditionally. Focusing on it amplifies it, and that’s what my work as a Brain Trainer is all about - teaching you the tools to connect to the truth of your heart’s deepest desires. From this space, success is inevitable.

Know thyself
and thou shalt know
all the mysteries of
the gods
and the Universe

-inscription at the Ancient Greek Temple of Apollo at Delphi


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"The return on investment has been phenomenal. I recently did my first $50K fortnight which I never thought would have ever been possible. And the really cool thing is the entire time I felt like I wasn't even working."


"What an amazing and life changing experience working with Divya! Such empathy and understanding delivered along with such thought reversing and practical strategies to overcome some of the mental blocks that were holding me back from my highest potential!”


"Divya has a laser-like precision in uncovering my limiting beliefs. Her work helps bring me clarity, and makes me feel more centred and more productive in my day-to-day life.”


"I honestly could not imagine who & where I’d be if it hadn’t been for Divya & her extensive knowledge in Brain Training & beyond!”


 "Brilliant experience working with Divya a few years ago - really enjoyed the programme I was on and the way it changed the way I think!”


"I saw an immediate and profound shift that allowed me to see the same facts as a new reality - since that time the issue dissolved, and good things keep coming.”



"With Divya's support and guidance I was able to get a unique perspective on my situation and experience a level of presence and self-awareness that usually takes days of solid meditation to achieve. I was boosted into a different orbit by our session and there was an inner connection that lasted long after our time together concluded."


"Divya is someone who walks the talk and lives fully her passion, continuously expanding herself on her own journey and helping others on theirs with expertise and mindfulness. I would recommend her to anyone who’d like to transform themselves in a deep and meaningful way"


Do you feel fulfilled?

Do you know yourself to be limitless & free?

Are you inhabiting the full spectrum of your brilliance (light and shadow)?

It’s my honor and privilege to support you in your expansion and evolution by illuminating what I see. I do this through a few different avenues: writing, speaking, training, and coaching.

On this website I share my insights about how we can stay centred in a crazy world, master our emotions, communicate skillfully, and lead courageously.

You can find out how to book me to speak at an event, train your team, or have coaching with me to get from where you are to where you want to be.


Exploring a range of topics like Identity, Perspective, Transformation, Authentic Relating, and Conscious Partnering and Parenting.


This book is Divya’s personal narrative of her decades in various forms of co-dependent relationships and how they have evolved as she continues her own commitment to brain training.


I would love the opportunity to engage, educate, and enrich your audience so please contact me to discuss how specifically I inspire people to think differently.


We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are.

As a coach I mostly assist visionary entrepreneurs and investors in leveraging their under-utilised assets.

Divya's Journey

2023: Published enLIGHTen UP: Ancient Wisdom Applied to Modern Living

2022: Authored THE RECLAMATION coaching program

2019: Co-Created the Inner Parenting program

2016: Co-Created Your Success Code online mindset gym

2013: Qualified as a Results Coach

2013: Founded Intrinsic Brilliance Institute (IBI)

2007: Completed B.A. in Neuroscience, Psychology, & Cognitive Sciences

“At the core of your being, you already are all that you seek.”

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