If you're an entrepreneur who knows you're meant for more... it's time to amplify your energy. 


“After 17 years in business I’ve had my most profitable year yet.”

Carl Taylor
CEO Automation Agency

"We don't see the world as it is, we see the world as we are."


As a coach I mostly assist visionary entrepreneurs and investors in leveraging their under-utilised assets. When most entrepreneurs feel stuck or like they’ve hit a plateau, often they hire coaches consultants to help them change things up within their business.

They learn new strategies and put in place new systems, but if their mindset and energy remains the same, inevitably those issues arise again. And it’s no one’s fault that these cycles perpetuate. Most people have been conditioned from birth to look externally - that our problems and solutions are all out there in the world.

Not only is this inaccurate from a neuroscience perspective, but it’s a highly detrimental trap! If you don't first accept responsibility for your experience, you won't feel empowered to transform it. 


Awakening entrepreneurs get that when we change the way we think about ourselves it impacts everything around us. I support them in maturing their mindset and breaking through their energetic blocks so they can become transformational leaders: effortlessly allowing their vision to ripple out into the world and touch the hearts and minds of the people they serve. Brain training helps reorient you home to your Inner Being - the source of your most potent power. We take a brain-based approach to cultivating deep core transformation which allows behavioural change to emerge organically.

In essence it’s like suddenly finding yourself waking up every morning with the energy and enthusiasm to focus on your dreams instead of forcing yourself to ‘do what you have to’. I’m well known for enabling my clients to make quantum leaps in their consciousness, which then lead to exponential growth in their lives.


Most people mistakenly think they have one brain and usually it's because only one brain is dominating their life. A brain is defined as a complex adaptive neural network and in fact we have at least 3: the head, the heart, and the gut. The heart leads with compassion and the head and gut support it with creativity and courage. When all three are integrated and operating harmoniously there is coherence in our energy field. Coherence is what enables us to experience ease, and seemingly effortless manifestation for anything our heart deeply desires.


Think of everything you know like clothes in a suitcase. Except you didn’t pack the suitcase, it’s just been sitting in the corner of the room while you throw everything into it, kind of like your dirty clothes hamper. And some of the stuff is clean and usable but some of it no longer fits. Brain training is your opportunity to sort through all the items in your suitcase and keep only what is useful.

Brain Training will be life changing for you if you frequently find yourself in low energy states, feeling frustrated, sad, scared, stressed or stuck. Maybe regardless of how much you are achieving you don't really feel successful, know how to relax and enjoy the pleasures of this moment. Particularly if there's clutter and confusion in your mind and you don't know what to do about it, Brain Training can help you clean that up. 


This is a process I excel at and love supporting others with.

We know now from modern neuroscience that you actually CAN ‘teach an old dog new tricks’. And that's because of neuroplasticity - our brain's ability to physically rewire in response to new experiences. Our brain functions like a muscle in many ways. But the problem is that many people have been working out in a way that gives them more of what they don’t want (self-doubt, stress, struggle, etc.) unbeknownst to them. And because that’s the focal point, many neglect the vitality, joy, and satisfaction equally available.

So by literally retraining the brain, we strengthen muscles that bring you the most fulfillment. Brain Training teaches you how to internally reference in a way that is more aligned with your natural inclinations. Living in this type of alignment is the foundation on which we achieve greater success. I've witnessed first hand how the countless benefits of brain training can improve upon every aspect of your life: self-confidence, business, health, wealth, relationships, etc.


But please don’t take my word for it, or trust the testimonials you see here. I’d much rather you experience it for yourself. Book in for a free Spotlight Session so I can lend you my eyes and together we can collaborate on what it is you envision to bring to life. I’m highly trained in observing unconscious structures so if there’s a barrier holding you back, I’ll help you see it and overcome it.


What people say about Divya as a coach

“Divya is an amazing coach, who helped me immensely on our very first session together. She leads and guides you through your own internal world carefully and skillfully, giving you the time and space to ask the questions you need to ask and get the answers you've been searching for. I highly appreciate her thoughtful coaching and gentle attitude and recommend her wholeheartedly.”


"I have great confidence is Divya’s techniqu because it is based on solid research on the brain. She has an innate trust in people’s capacity to grow and develop in the direction their soul is calling for. She supports their journey by lovingly challenging them and enabling them to access the strength they have inside."


"Every single session I had with Divya produced breakthroughs in thinking, mindset and actions. As a result of her training, I am calm, focused, less stressed and easily able to transition others into those states. My business is now growing in ways I had always envisaged. Mindset is everything. If you have the right mindset, you can achieve anything. Thanks Divya."


What to expect


No two sessions are exactly the same, but essentially:

  1. You turn up (online on our zoom video call) and I ask you some questions about what’s current in your experience.
  2. From there we explore. I’ll use whatever tools and techniques are most appropriate for the context.
  3. Through this process your brain will redirect it’s focus and it will create what we call ‘shifts in the awareness’.
  4. ​Then the 'magic' happens, as you leave the session with clear outcomes for you to observe in the days, weeks, and months that follow. Maybe you find that all of a sudden that one co-worker doesn’t bother you anymore, maybe you have a sudden burst of productivity, maybe you even find that goals you thought were years away are on your doorstep. It just depends on what you’ve set as your intentions.

“At the core of your being, you already are all that you seek.”

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