Presence & Intelligence

Presence & Intelligence

The wisdom of our body/mind system is that it has a set point - homeostasis.

Despite the name making it sound fixed, this set point actually can change, but it does so gradually over time. It's incremental slow movement.

The body/mind moves at a sloth's pace compared to the light speed at which our spirits can adapt & adjust.

Hence, exponential growth requires transcending the body/mind. And to truly transcend something we must include it.

We include body/mind this process through education. Here's what it needs to understand:

The brain can process up to 11 million bits of information per second.

But given that our conscious mind is only capable of processing 40-120 bits of info/sec the vast majority of this processing happens within our unconscious awareness.

To let the conscious mind drive is the equivalent of choosing to use a typewriter when there's a brand new top of the line MacBook Pro available. Why would anyone do that?

Well, the truth is the conscious mind never wants to be made redundant. It needs a job to do. So here's the job I give it:

Focus on staying centred & grounded. Monitor the breath - breathing deeply & evenly. Keep the heart field open (it can close as a reaction to a painful trigger). Regulate your nervous system.

A regulated nervous system is a body/mind that is relaxed and open. When we're relaxed and open, we can respond intelligently in the moment to whatever arises.

I have witnessed this countless times as things I have never been consciously aware of have emerged from my mouth in response to someone asking a question.

Maintaining presence is THE foundational skill one must learn because all else emerges from presence.

And presence is about being with what Is. It is the awareness of the "pause" - the silent still space.

Only when we're operating as that spaciousness are responding rather than reacting to stimuli that is arising.

Practice cultivating deeper presence and you will come across as more intelligent - simply because you are able to allow more bits of information in at any given moment without feeling the need to manage the process.

“At the core of your being, you already are all that you seek.”

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