The Metaphors We Live By

Published on 24 april 2015

The Metaphors We Live By

I wonder, have you ever carefully considered the metaphors you live by? This theme has been coming up quite a bit in coaching this week, so I thought it prudent to share one of the ways I transformed my anxiety and overwhelm into ease and joy: through changing my metaphors.

An earlier version of me often used to say “I’m juggling a lot right now.” Typically I would combine this with something along the lines of “I’m time-poor.”

When one of my coaches called me on it, it prompted me to think more consciously about it. I realised that the idea of juggling created tension in my body, and a feeling like everything was on top of me. I felt anxious about dropping a ball. I also realised being time-poor was an absurd concept. Unlike money, which can fluctuate up and down, and some people have more than others, time is totally universal. We all only get 24 hours in the day, right?

So, I consciously chose a new metaphor. Now, when considering all that I’ve got on I imagine myself sitting in a park, on a red and white checkered blanket atop lush green grass. The sun is streaming through the clouds, warming my face, and on my picnic blanket is a bountiful spread of scrumptiousness. I’ve got watermelon, quinoa salad, sweet potato and kale chips, and all sorts of other deliciousness. We’re talking a proper feast here. As I look down at all the food in front me, do I feel overwhelmed that I won’t get to everything? Not at all. I feel delighted and relaxed, knowing that I will savour each item one at time, and then move on to the next. I’m feasting at Life’s picnic. And you know what? It makes such a difference in my body and energy levels. Don’t take my word for it though – try it out for yourself!

This is the metaphor works for me, though it may not work for you. Regardless, I invite you to find a metaphor that does – one that creates a feeling of ease in your body. And then bring yourself back to that every time you catch yourself saying the word juggling, ok? Unless you’re an expert juggler in the circus and you absolutely love doing it, in which case feel welcome to keep that metaphor. 😉

By bringing awareness to the structure of how we craft our experience of life, we allow ourself to choose a more satisfying one, don’t we? Happy creating!


Divya Darling

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