Perfect Time

Perfect Time

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? I do. In fact, I believe that everything is always unfolding in perfect time, even if in this moment our brains may not perceive it.

This belief emerged after becoming aware of the delightful synchronicity of life in a variety of contexts (you know those freaky inexplicable experiences I’m referring to?). And I find it to be quite an enabling belief, so I use it the vast majority of the time.

There are still some situations in which I find myself experiencing impatience, thinking something along the lines of “why can’t it just happen now? Things would be so much easier!”

And then I step into my knowing that we create our problems to give our future Self an opportunity to solve them. So I smile and say to the Universe, “Ok. I trust you’re curating this perfectly for me to expand into the next version of myself, so I’ll just go with the flow.”

So whilst I may not always be ‘on time’ by society’s standards, in my own experience, I am perfectly on time every time. I don’t know many others who share this experience, though…

This week I had a brilliant meeting with a beautiful man who felt seen and supported in the space we shared. Within five minutes of sitting down with me he was sharing his life’s story with me including sexual escapades, drug use, heartbreak, and highlights. I asked him if he was typically this open with people. “I choose my audiences carefully,” he responded. I smiled grateful he could feel my openness and presence.

After nearly two hours of quality connecting, he had to go feed his dog and left. I sent a follow up email telling him how much I loved meeting him, and suggesting how we can continue the conversation. He responded by saying “Me too. And I’m sorry I was late.”

It seemed so strange to me that after all that we had shared, THAT was what he commented on. That reveals to me it was the salient thing on his mind! He had gone from operating from his being (mindfulness) back into his cognitive chatter – judgement. And in that space, we so often filter for the lack rather than the love, don’t we? It is the negativity bias inherent in all un-trained brains. A part of him must have been thinking something along the lines of “Oh no, what will she think of me? Will she think I’m unreliable because I was late?”

In my experience, he arrived in perfect timing. During the time that I was ‘waiting’ (I use that word very loosely because when we’re fully present in each moment, we’re never waiting, are we?) for him, I had the opportunity to serve someone else. She had been experiencing pain and tightness in her back, her body’s way of communicating misalignment. Within 10 minutes of parts integration – facilitating a dialogue between the different parts of us so that each one feels heard – she said, “Wow, the pain is gone! It’s been there all day and it’s gone away!”

I’m very grateful to have had ‘time’ to support her by sharing that strategy. Had he not been ‘late’, I wouldn’t have even had the opportunity to have that conversation, let alone be of service in that way.

Moral of the story: there’s no need to worry about being late, is there? Space and time is always being filled. No matter what the clock or others may say, what would happen if you allow yourself to trust you’re perfectly on time?

Life is always unfolding in perfect timing.

“At the core of your being, you already are all that you seek.”

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