I woke up to this message sent to me and Deb Maes by a YSC student:

“Hi guys, I know neither of you need praise or to be reminded what beautiful, generous, kind souls you both are but I just had to share my overflowing sense of gratitude for your not only giving me the chance to join the program but for putting me in the very privileged position of getting to breathe in all the invaluable pieces of treasure that is birthed during the life labs calls.

Again not that you need me to tell you but if either of you ever have even the tiniest bit of doubt that your efforts aren’t bearing the quality or quantity of fruit you had or are hoping for, let this be your reminder the greater god pays the littler gods n goddeses in ways they perhaps can’t fathom or yet.

You guys inspire a hope in me. You have no idea what that means for me & perhaps all those whom are around me, in my life & those whom might be thanks to your support.”

I thanked the person and said that whilst we don’t need appreciation, we still appreciate being appreciated.

And I felt compelled to remind this person, and whomever else may be reading this: everyone experiences doubt from time to time. It’s part of being human.

Even the most resolved and enlightened beings I’ve encountered experienced doubt in some way. What they don’t experience is the idea that they shouldn’t (meaning they don’t judge themselves for being human) AND they don’t identify with their thoughts.

Doubt is only problematic when we believe it to be true. It’s just a thought. Thoughts come and thoughts go. The danger lies in entertaining them.

Because when we believe the voice of doubt (and yes, I have lots of personal experience with this and consider this amongst my expertise) then only can we become paralysed by it. It’s only if we buy into the story that we don’t take action and move forward in the direction of our spirit’s calling.

When doubt shows up, I allow it to be there. Namaha (translation: bow). I accept it and move on. I don’t let it stop me from carrying on about my business as I’m guided to do.

In Your Success Code we retrain people to dis-identify with their thoughts. To recognise that we have thoughts. And we are not our thoughts; to truly embody this knowingness.

That, to me, is the foundational mindset work of all other work in this life. Because then we can show up each day and do our very best and offer up our gifts to the world.

“At the core of your being, you already are all that you seek.”

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