When people don’t meet themselves – truly discover who they are at the deepest level – they often end up resentful and regretful in old age. Years of a life lived unconsciously will do that to you.

I’ve heard it said many times that inner work like TBT – the stuff I do with people in coaching or on retreats – is over indulgent luxury not for the average Jo. Well, perhaps it is… if the average Jo is preoccupied with how to stay alive rather than considering ‘what’s the quality of my life?’

Respectfully though, I would have to disagree. I reckon most folks in Australia (and particularly not those I’m connected with) are not struggling to find food and shelter to live another day. For those that might be, I get it, you got other things to focus on at the moment. No need to read any further, you go on and get that sorted first.

But for those of you who fall into the category of surviving just fine, though keen to thrive, then it is to you I say: INNER WORK IS ESSENTIAL. It is, in my humble opinion, the most important thing to do whilst we’re on this planet.

Not only because:

  • if we don’t truly know ourselves how can we know what decisions to make to create a fulfilling life so we can feel amazing when we’re looking back on it in our rocking chairs at the end of our days…

but because

  • it’s like having a gift we never unwrap. Regardless of how beautifully packaged we deem it to be, the good stuff is always on the inside. When we neglect self-discovery, we squander this gift.

and because

  • people invest hundreds of thousands of hours of time and dollars attempting to create an enjoyable/comfortable/happy life for themselves in the physical world without realising that it’s the 6 inches between your ears that determines how you experience the world around you.

I get that it’s my value system operating here when I say THERE IS NO GREATER PRIORITY THAN MEETING YOURSELF WITHOUT THE MASKS OF SOCIAL CONDITIONING. And I believe it to be true with every cell in my body, which is why I feel compelled to share it.

People are often scared – terrified really – of what they might (or might not) find. That’s very common. So is taking a while to SAY YES to the experience of unwrapping. And of the dozens and dozens of people who have ever trusted me enough to do this work with me, not a single one has not experienced surprise and delight at the treasures they’ve discovered inside. 

Do yourself a favor. Sit in stillness for a few days and see what you discover. And if you want support, reach out. I’m here to help.

“At the core of your being, you already are all that you seek.”

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