The Difference

The Difference

As part of Your Success Code (YSC) every week I host a group coaching session called Life Labs. The purpose of LL is for all of us to stay curious about the results we’re creating in our lives, week by week. We question “what must I be believing is true for me to be creating that outcome?” This type of brain training, week in and week out, yields profound shifts in thinking.

Instead of thinking “things just happen to me” we remember our role as creators of reality as we experience it and that “things emerge from me.” We reverse engineer success, and put our intention and attention on the places we desire most.

Fundamental to Your Success Code is that everyone’s definition of success is different. In case you didn’t already know it, mine is to live in alignment with my highest self – to live a yogic life – fully absorbed in the world whilst entirely unattached to it. The path of a yogi is sincere devotion to self-discovery combined with acceptance of all that is in the human experience. To see it all and sprinkle the magic dust of loving appreciation on it all.

Earlier today on Life Labs I was reflecting on how much I’ve grown in this capacity. How many of the underlying beliefs I’ve shifted to enable me to step into situations that stretch me and say, “I’m feeling challenged right now, and I’m perfectly ok with that.” No judgment or expecting myself to be behaving differently. Just witnessing what is with wonderment.

My earlier self would seek to change the external world – the circumstances and situations. My wiser self looks inside and makes the adjustments necessary to find ease in the moment. AND in the moments that she can’t manage that, she sits in the dis-ease and knows, this too shall pass. Relax, it’s only temporary, like all things in life.

Of course there’s still plenty of work to do in this space but when I look back I see how far I’ve come and I’m proud of myself. Ohh what a difference the DIF model makes, eh?

“At the core of your being, you already are all that you seek.”

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