Ambition is not an issue… Here’s what is.

Published on 12 january 2019

Ambition is not an issue… Here’s what is.

Recently I saw an Osho quote that said “How to find joy? Let your ambition disappear; ambition is the barrier.” 

I humbly and respectfully disagree. There is nothing wrong with being ambitious. 

Each aspect of our Self has different needs and our human conscious mind needs goals to work towards. Without direction, the mind becomes easily disoriented and apathetic. 

Humans can enjoy great peace and joy diligently working toward a goal they value. 

So it’s not the goals that are the issue. It’s the attachment to an end result that creates suffering. 

My goal, for example, is to continue to integrate and illuminate ancient wisdom teachings within the business world. In other words, I genuinely desire to operate a yogic business. 

This is my human’s goal. It is not my spirit’s goal. Indeed, she has no goals. She is fully content with what is, here now in this moment. She offers my human mind the sweet sounds of silent acceptance in those moments where I fall short of my goal and reminds my human self, all is well.

In this way there is a marriage – a partnering – between human mind and spirit being. Ambition fuels the human. Non-attachment, or in other words, unconditional appreciation for what is fills the spirit. 

They can simultaneously harmoniously coexist. Work towards what you want AND be perfectly fulfilled with what is here now. This is holistic living and integrated mastery. 



Divya Darling

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