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Several months ago I was auditioning a woman to work with because I liked what she had shared online and I wanted to experience how embodied she was and see if there was energetic alignment between us. I thought she might be able to support me with my focus at the time which was eliminating codependent patterns from how I do partnering.

“So with my 121 clients I offer a results guarantee. Do you have something like that too?”

She seemed taken aback by my question, like it was the most ludicrous thing someone could possibly ask.

“No, I don’t guarantee any results. That’s up to my clients,” she replied nervously.

There was so much charge in her that I nearly started to wonder if I was crazy in doing so.

'Crap, is that another codependent behaviour?' I wondered.

I reflected after our call and came back to the truth of my knowing: I trust my competence as a coach wholeheartedly. I’ve spent many years honing my craft. Because of this high sense of self efficacy, I’m very comfortable taking 100% responsibility for the outcomes I create when I’m playing that role. Which is the antithesis of codependency, actually.

It’s me recognising that my skill as a coach – wielding quality questions and reflecting back what their unconscious has offered up – catalyses powerful shifts in consciousness within the people I serve.

And when we change our consciousness, opportunities become available we couldn’t previously perceive. And we naturally move towards them.

So yes, it’s very possible for me to guarantee results because of my confidence in my coaching capacities. I’m a highly effective in my work. In the 6 years I’ve offered a money back guarantee I’ve never had a single person who completed their program ask for a refund, or not leave me a laudatory testimonial.

I’m flexible AF with my style because I know how to show up for the people I serve in the ways they most need me to. I see how able I am to adjust and adapt to what’s needed most, moment by moment.

When someone signs on to a personalised program with me, they’re going to get the outcomes they’ve come for. Because that’s my commitment. It’s my responsibility, not to mention joy and honour, to hold space for their transformation.

When you work with me your mental maturation, emotional vibration, spiritual saturation, and purposeful creation become amplified by my commitment to you and your outcomes.

In the woo world it’s often referred to as a transmission and in scientific terms it’s called entrainment. They both mean the same thing, and I speak both languages fluently.

You will benefit from being energetically held by me because I’m fiercely committed to expanding my consciousness and my clients get to benefit from that.

I’m highly selective with who I serve. Typically they are purpose-driven entrepreneurs who have achieved a level of success in the material world, but they don’t feel wholly fulfilled and there’s a niggling feeling inside that something is amiss.

I’ve had a full coaching roster for nearly 3 years now (most of my clients renew year after year) and typically when a spot opens up, it’s been filled by someone else within a month.

So I’m excited to announce next month I’ll have space to serve 1 more person. Perhaps that person is you?

What challenges are you struggling with right now? And what would it be like if they were to completely disappear from your life? What would you love to be experiencing?

How fully are you living your purpose? How satisfied and fulfilled are you with your business right now?

Are your relationships rich and rewarding? How about your health? Are you regularly feeling vital and energised?

We humans have so much capacity… So much untapped potential. All of us! We’re all sitting on goldmines.

The people that know how to access it are the ones that thrive, regardless of what life offers up.

I can support you in training your brain so your real life becomes your ideal life.

When people start program with me they are regularly blown away by how much shifts and how quickly it does, because my superpower is supporting others to access their own superpowers.

To be explicit: I’m not taking credit for the epic outcomes my clients create. No, those are theirs to own (though I certainly love celebrating their accomplishments with them).

I skillfully hold space so their deliberate intentions become inevitable manifestations. It’s a collaboration.

I model for them that “hard” work is never required. When we soften into what’s truly aligned for us and take consistent action from that space, magic happens.

Skillfully tap into the wisdom within your heart, head, and gut (that’s my jam) and you’ll get a deeply enriching and connected experience of life.

If you’re an entrepreneur with a big vision who is ready to level up and become the person you need to be to bring that to life, you’ll benefit from having me on your team. I guarantee it.

It’s a pretty high level service I offer my 121 clients, and the investment reflects that. If you’re curious to find out more, send me a message. I’m keen to chat with you and see if we’re a good fit.

“At the core of your being, you already are all that you seek.”

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